We provide the installs you need to get your app noticed with Cutting edge tracking & reporting. Pay per install – don’t risk your ad budget on CPC or CPM campaigns when you can pay only on valid app installs.

Mobile Audience Procurement

  • Audience procurement over multiple integrated channels (including integrated Owned & Operated publishers, Programmatic supply, Social media and Rewards platform)
  • Attribution SDK & In app analytics solution available as a stand-alone or integrated with audience procurement
  • Blended Art & Science approach which leverages Big Data based audience intelligence to reach the most ‘likely to convert/transact’ audiences and art based ad unit optimizations


Mobile Audience Monetisation

  • Yield maximization through premium sponsorships, private marketplace & programmatic demand
  • Unified audience intelligence leading to enhanced transact-ability and yield
  • Full support of MRAID compliant Rich Media, VAST Video and Native Ads
  • Revenue Maximization by blending Own and Third party data to deliver targeted marketing solutions



  • Dedicated account management
  • CPI pricing model
  • Traffic to all countries
  • Select the right traffic types for your campaign – display, app discovery, rewarded installs, etc.