Maximize Your Mobile Advertising ROI

mAvatarZ’s advanced technology lets you optimize your mobile advertising campaigns to maximize your investment.


Target Your Audience. Precisely.

mAvatarZ’s advanced recommendation algorithms and platform offer you the most precise audience targeting in the market.
Reach your exact target audience using behavioral patterns, demographic profiles, content and contextual attributes. With our global network of publishers, you can reach any audience group around the world.


Gain Campaign Insight. In Real-time.

Our management dashboard lets you manage inventory and optimize campaigns instantly.
Track top performers to identify opportunities and optimize campaigns, and perform real-time analysis viewing campaign results at angle and granularity level.


Match users’ mobile experience

Choose from a large variety of ad formats, types, and sizes and match the mobile experience to your creative, target audience and ad context.


Full Service or Self Service

Get VIP, full service from our mobile advertising experts, who will assist you throughout the process, or DIY with our self-service platform


Mobile Video Advertising Innovation

mAvatarZ offers a unique inBanner mobile video advertising solution which enables you to enjoy the benefits of video ads on our wide range of publishers around the globe.


Ground Breaking Technology

Mobile Video is mAvatarZ’s innovative InBanner video streaming technology converts ANY regular display ad space to become a VIDEO ad space.
Video is fully VAST compliant, and much more! No more limited video ad spaces, no more technological barriers. Video is highly reach in functionality and delivers the following:

  • No video player is required
  • No SDK required
  • HD Video quality
  • Auto Play Capabilities
  • Auto Sound Capabilities
  • Clickable
  • Full Event Tracking Capabilities
    • Impression Tracking
    • Clicks Tracking
    • Buttons clicking Tracking (Play, Pause, Sound on/off)
    • Above the Fold Tracking
    • Viewability monitoring
    • View Through to Completion
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Fraud detection